The Picture of Dorian Gray(道瑞安·格雷先生畫像)

The Picture of Dorian Gray(道瑞安·格雷先生畫像)

作者: Donald L.Lawler

ISBN: 9780393955682 出版時間: 1988-01-01

出版社: W.W.Norton & Company,.Inc

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The Picture of Dorian Gray

With its publication in 1891, The Picture of Dorian Gray created a sensation. It touched off a heated public debate over art versus morality – first, in the press at the time of book publication, and then, five years later, as Oscar Wilde stood trial for homosexuality, then a serious criminal offense.

This Norton Critical Edition reprints both of the published versions of Wilde’s novel – the Lippincott’s version of 1890 (the original version) and the 1891 books version. Students now have an opportunity to read the original version of the novel, as well as to read the two texts comparatively. Throughout, they will be guided by the annotations of a Wilde scholar.

A varied “Backgrounds” section inquires into The Picture of Dorian Gray’s pivotal position in Wilde’s life, the debate over art versus morality provoked by the novel’s publication, the question of individual freedom raised both in and by the novel, and the reactions of the courts and the public to the book.

“Essays in Criticism” addresses the literary and critical aspects of the novel. Included in this section are essays by Richard Ellmann, Joyce Carol, and Donald L. Lawler, among others.

About the series:
Each Norton Critical Edition includes an authoritative text, contextual and source materials, and a wide range of interpretations – from contemporary perspectives to the most current critical theory – as well as a bibliography and, in many cases, a chronology of the author’s life and work.

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