Miss Marple's Final Cases

Miss Marple's Final Cases

作者: 阿加莎·克裡斯蒂 (Agatha Christie)

ISBN: 9780007121045


出版時間: 2002-09-01 出版社: HarperCollins Publishers Ltd

A highly recognized sleuth, Miss Marple unravels seven engaging mysteries, among them: "Tape Measure Murder," about an ordinary housewife found dead; "Case of the Perfect Maid," where a servant turns up missing; "Case of the Caretaker," in which Miss Marple's doctor procures a very strange remedy for the flu; "Miss Marple Tells a Story," where a husband faces a trial for his wife's murder, and "Greenshaw's Folly," about men becoming privy to a will that spawns a bizarre murder.